A Progressive Web App ( PWA ) is a website workings as an App. You cannot find the PWA in any  Apple or Android store, but you can download it at https://www.italianhealthcareworld.com. and signing up. After logging in with your credentials, you can add the link in your homepage phone adding and by taping on it it will work as a normal app.  No memory will be used in your mobile or PC. To utilize the webapp you will need an internet connection.

IHW WPA is a geo-locator of Italian doctors and health care professionals that help to find them in basis of their specialty or with a general search. You can find the nearest professionals, check their profiles, make a call to set up an  appointment, send an e-mail and reach them by navigator.You will also be able to talk to some available professionals through a direct CHAT.

For users/patients and doctors with "Resident Basic Profile" the webapp is free of charge. For "Professional Resident" and "Visiting Doctors" profiles this will be  are a paid service ( Yearly Subscription ). For more info: goprofessional@italianhealthcareworld.com

Some Doctors and professionals are available in direct chat. This is a secure one-to-one chat and can be used only for short information and questions. Time of response will depend on professionals' availability and may take from a few hours to a few days. IHW doesn't have any responsibility for the doctor or professional's replies. and chat messages cannot be considered as a visit or consultation.

For "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy policy" click here

All the articles and interviews are written and selected by our editorial staff. For more information please contact us at info@italianhealthcareworld.com

Yes. We can publish Ads  both the Webapp and the Journal of IHW. We can do this in the form of  banners, Ads, links, special healthcare offers and campaigns.

If you cannot open the IHW app, you need to check if your internet connection is working. Then refresh the link. We suggest that you regularly clean the cache in your mobile or PC browser.Enable the localization on your device: if you don't enable the locator you will not be able to see the professionals on the map as well as their profiles. For any issues contact : support@ihealthcrew.com